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Great Vlog – RichyVida – Wildbad Touring

Surfing the internet is always a great thing to do. You can find some gems without even trying. I don’t know how I came across this vlog but it has been one of the most entertaining sites I have ever subscribed to. It reminds me of our touring group and the fun times we have shared in the past. I have watched all 21 episodes of their “Proper Tour” of the United States. Check out the trailer here. It is so cool getting someone’s perspective of our great country that lives across the pond. What we take for granted, they found breathtaking. It puts things into perspective and it makes me really feel good about the cool sights and sounds that Jamie and I have gotten to enjoy, during our journeys across the great land.  Do me a favor and go check out this amazing YouTube channel. You will not be disappointed.  I have even purchased a Wildbad touring shirt and some stickers to sport on the Versys. Stay tuned for some pictures. It might be a little while since it is coming from the UK. 

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