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Greenville, MS to 29 Dreams in Leeds Alabama – Day 2

We woke up in hot and humid Greenville. The AC was blasting in the room. Jamie was a little chilly when she woke up, but that changed quickly when she walked outside. We ate a quick breakfast and headed out into the humid heavy air. Rob and Jamie were fight allergies so we stopped at a Walmart in Greenville. They all look the same hehehe.

The ride to Birmingham was un-eventful. I loved how green everything was. It started to get warm by mid afternoon. We wanted to get to the campground so we could eat and take our time setting up for our first night of camping.

We stopped at this little town to take a break. We pulled up to the covered gas pumps, where a group of Harley riders were parked to avoid the heat. When we pulled up, they looked at us like we were aliens. We started to peel off our gear and they just rolled their eyes. They were all in short sleeves and jeans. Of course the women were not even in that. They asked us where we were from. I told them Dallas… They responded TEXAS?? I said yes and they again looked at us again like we were from another planet. A few minutes later they fired up their machines and after making the earth rumble and making my ears bleed they rode off. One took off so fast that if his girl had not had a sissy bar she would have been on the road as she was not paying attention. The people in the gas station just frowned and made comments. One old man said to us, that he liked our bikes, they were quiet.

Rob even had his own pump at the station.