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Had a great Therapy session today!

My alarm went off at 6:00AM this morning. Yes it is Sunday morning, but this was important. I got up, brushed my teeth and started to get into my gear. I slipped on the riding pants and pulled my boots up. I grabbed my helmet and gloves. I was ready for my session. I put my ear plugs in and then put my helmet over my head. I hit the starter button, my trusty Triumph fired up in an instant. Friends have kidded me that she sounds like a tractor but I don’t care. It is my tractor and she does me right most of the time. I pushed her out of the garage and next thing I know we were underway. The therapy session had begun.

I was meeting a friend to go riding. Nothing exciting just a quick little run on roads that we have done numerous times before. We chatted a few minutes and decided to start our journey. We were out of town in just a few miles. Riding along Farm to Market roads, where all you see is farm land, cattle and a stray dog from time to time is always most relaxing. It always amazes me that I live in one of the largest metroplex areas in the U.S., and in just a few short minutes I can be away from it all.

Riding along, listening to the sound of the bike, watching the cows look up, if only for a second to see what is going by. I can feel the stress of everyday life being lifted. Mile after mile, curve after curve I realize that I am very fortunate to have the things in my life that, to be honest I take for granted from time to time. I have a beautiful wife, a wonderful family and some of the best friends one could ever ask for. I catch my spirits being lifted. I know that deep down I am taking care of business. I am doing all I can for my family. So no matter what the “real world” throws at me on Monday, I can handle it with a smile and a more positive attitude.

As I roll into the garage. I turn the key off. The bike silences and there is not a noise around. I take off my helmet and gloves, the door opens and out steps my wife. She asks how the ride was; I smile and give her a kiss. I tell her that it was fine and that the morning was beautiful. I did not go further; she knew I had needed to go to this morning’s session. People ask me all of the time, why I love riding a motorcycle so much. I have to admit from moment to moment you might get a number of different answers. Today it would be one of peace and solitude, Tomorrow it could be about speed and curves, the adrenaline it forces thru your body when riding hard, but today it was for relaxation, a tool for me to use to get back in control of my life. The great thing is, this therapy comes pretty cheap, does not include me lying on a couch and I can go to my appointment anytime I pull the bike out of the garage. a