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Hanging out at the Hanger

We decided to go check out the breakfast at the Hanger. We have seen it posted, so we decided to go and check it out! The info is listed below;

Blue Hangar Café Northwest Regional Airport 700 Boeing Way Roanoke, Tx 76137 N33.055350 W97.231209 817.490.0058

Time: 8:00 am Date: Every Saturday


  1. Take IH-35W to Exit 74 (1171)

  2. Go east on 1171

  3. Go south on Cleveland Gibbs Rd

  4. Blue Hangar Café is on the east side of the runway. Take the first left off of Cleveland Gibbs that is at the north end of the runway. WATCH FOR AIRCRAFT! THIS IS A ACTIVE AIRPORT AND YOU USE THE SAME ACCESS ROADS AS THE AIRCRAFT AROUND THE RUNWAY! Take a right in front of the hangars, you will see the Blue Hangar Café on the left.

Our weekly meet up for Saturday morning breakfast is now at a new location and time! 8:00 am for you late risers! There’s airplanes to watch! Cage in, bike in, or fly in!

Planes, Bikes, Food.

We decided to attend our first breakfast at the hanger. It was a great time. It is so cool watching all of the planes flying in and out!

We left the house yesterday morning in the cool air. It was humid but very nice. The Trophy turned 30,000 this morning.

These little planes did a formation flyover after getting some breakfast. It was very impressive.

There were a fair amount of bikes that showed up. Not a bad place to hang out on a Saturday morning.

This was my favorite plane of the day

I like this picture

Taking off

Grey was the color of the day

Jackie’s New Bike

Vern’s ST with a nice plane in the background.

To see all of the pictures click here.

We will be back as the people and the place were fun!


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