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Headed to New Mexico – damn it’s HOT !

I woke up so excited about the day. It was a day I have been waiting for since July 9. I had not ridden in weeks. I had gastric Sleeve procedure on july 24 so I had been in recovery mode. This is my first road trip since the surgery. I am super excited.

I took off from work right around 2:15. I jumped on 380 and headed towards Decatur Texas. Not a long ride, but damn it was HOT! Got to the hotel around 3:45. Made a quick drink / protein bar break just outside Denton. Tomorrow we head to Clovis NM. It’s going to be warm but who cares? I’m riding. 

We went to dinner at and the food was very good. The Ribeye looked awesome. I was good and had grilled chicken strips. Not going to blow my good eating habits on this trip. There is a beautiful church across the street from Sweetie Pies, my pictures do not do it justice. We are off early in the morning, to try and best the heat of the day. Till next time ride safe.