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Hello New Mexico – Hello Ticket..uugh

My first day on vacation and I was up at 5:30am. I could not sleep any longer. I knew twisty roads and cooler temps were in my future. I woke up from my $39 hotel room and walked down the hall to freshly brewed coffee. Hey for $39 what did you a expect a flatscreen and coffee maker? I would stay there again. Good clean and cheap room. If you are ever in Tucumcari and need a place to stay, try the Motel 6.

I jumped on the Versys to do the last 90 miles of slab for a few days. It was 55 degrees when I left. I actually had to stop and put in my liner. I arrived in Las Vegas for breakfast at Charlie’s spic n span right at 8:15. 

Ordered me up a nice plate of huevos rancheros with red chili. I could not eat it all but that red chili tasted divine. I took my time eating and relaxing. 

My family was coming in from Albuquerque and they would not be in Red River until later in the day. This allowed me to explore some of the awesome twisty roads this part of NM has to offer. 

I could not wait any longer. I wanted to go “play” in the mountains. Just as I dropped into Mora NM I was greeted by the local welcoming committee. I was told that I was sight seeing at a pace above the limit and he wanted to give me a piece of paper so I could pay my fee for using his pretty roads. What a nice man. 

After that I took it easy or let’s say easier up to the lodge at Sipapu. I had my mid morning protein bar on the patio overlooking the creek. It was a nice way to relax from my previously explained experience.