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June 10th, 2011 Day #1 – Vacation is finally here.

It always feels like Christmas morning the day I wake up before a big ride. Jamie and I were headed out later this afternoon to start our 9 day journey to Colorado. I had originally set up a trip for the Lone Star BMW Riders that would take them to parts on NM, AZ, UT and CO before heading back to North Texas. That ride was still on; however Jamie and I had to make some changes. These were due to some miss communication on my part and I wanted to see my son Alec. So looking at the time table we decided to get in a visit with Alec as well as spend some one on one time with my beautiful wife.

I opened the BOB (Big Orange Box – Home Depot) at 5AM and could not stand still. I had made plans to leave the BOB at 12 noon and hit the road no later than 1PM. It worked out great. I left as scheduled and headed home. Jamie had taken Bella our family dog to the vet and she was ready to go. The bike was packed and ready to go. We loaded up and hit the road as the clock struck 1:09PM. We were only slabbing to Amarillo to spend the evening before a long day on Day two. It was an uneventful ride; with the only big issue being the heat. We rode thru Wichita Falls and the temps read 104! It was hot! We got to the hotel around 8PM and just grabbed a quick dinner and hit the bed. I want to thank my best friend Pete for hooking us up with the hotel room. He travels a lot and used some of his points for us to stay in a Hampton Inn on both our starting day and the last day of our road trip. We love you and thank you for hooking us up. We appreciate it!

You will see a couple of posts per days as I did post a couple of times from my phone. Hope I did not cause to much confusion.