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Hugo Oklahoma – Circus City USA

I had a rare Saturday off, so Jamie and I took advantage of that fact to ride with the gang from the LoneStar BMW Riders Club This ride was supposed to have taken place last weekend but the weather was so bad that the event had to be cancelled. They rescheduled this weekend so the stars were aligned for us to join the ride.

We joined up with the group at the local QT at 7:30am. We kicked some tires, drank a cup of coffee and enjoyed the unusually cool North Texas morning. Our friend Tom Oliver rode his brand new BMW S1000xr. What a beautiful machine. It had been a while since we had the pleasure of riding with Tom. As always his sense of humor always brings a smile to everyone’s face. We love riding with Tom and we are hoping this is just a start of a new riding revival for him. 

We headed out and took a nice scenic route through the North Texas countryside. The route had its good share of twisty roads along with some nice stretches of farm roads and quiet summer views of farm houses and barns. This ride defined what a ride in North Texas should be. The weather was unbelievable! Its almost July and we have not had triple digit temps. The day was perfect for a good ride with friends. 

We stopped for a quick break and more tire kicking before loading up and heading into Hugo. This ride was planned and led by Collin. He did a great job and the route was fantastic. I forget from time to time how nice the riding is in this part of North Texas. We will be back up there soon. Thanks Collin for leading such an awesome ride. 

After the quick break we did more riding before making our way into the Mt. Olivet Cemetery’s designated Showmen’s Rest. What an interesting place. It was so cool to walk around and see all of the history from the tombstones. This is just another reason that riding a motorcycle is so cool. I really don’t think I would ever make my way to this part of Oklahoma if not for being part of a motorcycle ride. It was a cool place and we will go back.

After spending some time at the cemetery we headed over for lunch at Angies Circus City Diner. We had a great lunch. The gang was happy and well fed by the time we all loaded up and headed home. We all separated into little groups and headed back to the house.   

The tombstones were amazing and told a story. Fun stuff. 

We logged almost 300 miles for the day. It was a great day of riding with friends. Jamie and I miss these Saturday rides. We are hoping to be able to take part in more this year. 

Till next time everyone – Ride safe and remember to stop and smell the roses between twisty roads. See all of the pictures here. Hugo Oklahoma Gallery