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IMS Dallas

I came home for a quick weekend trip to see the family. I also got to go and check out the International motorcycle show. This years show was pretty good. I was excited to see a couple of machines. The Kawasaki’s were eye catching and I am looking forward to riding the new H2SX SE

It looks like it will be the ultimate SPORT touring machine, with an emphasis on Sport. The new Ninja 400 ABS was also very attractive. Jamie could put her feet on the ground. 

We ran into many of out friends, including AJ of Plano Kawasaki Suzuki. She is always a joy to speak with. She will be getting an H2SX soon so I am hoping to be able to talk her out of a little test ride. I love the 900RS retro machine as well. 

I wanted a chance to sit on the new Goldwing, but there was always a long line. I love the look. I don’t feel I am ready for one at this time, but I love the redesign. 

We spent a couple of hours kicking tires and checking out the new machines. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning.