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International Motorcycle Show – Dallas 2020

A great weekend with Family & Friends. The show was a little disappointing as all of the European Manufacturers decided not to attend the show. BMW, Triumph and Ducati were all absent from the event.

Jamie and I headed for Dallas late Thursday after I got off of work. We rolled into town and checked into our hotel. Friday was a good day for catching up with friends and enjoying some down time. I stopped by all the motorcycle shops and made sure that I went into Plano Kawasaki Suzuki. I spent some time with Jason and AJ but could not leave without buying my new helmet. I have been looking for the HJC RPHA 70ST Balius in the black & White paint scheme. AJ and team had it so I had to bring it home with me. I will do a review on the helmet in a few weeks. We had a fantastic evening with the kids, celbrating Christmas and just spending some time with them. We missed having Alec there to take part. We will need to find some time to visit sunny California in the near future.

Saturday we planned to get up and meet the LoneStar Riders gang at Poor Richards in Plano. It was a great morning 25 people attended the breakfast. We enjoyed a good breakfast and some awesome conversation. We loaded up and hit the DART to ride downtown to the International Motorcycle Show for this years event. There was a large crowd, but it was not bad at all getting around the show.

The show was very good. The big Japanese manufactures showed up in force along with Harley Davidson, KTM, Royal Enfield and Indian. The absence of the Euro teams in BMW, Triumph and Ducati was disappointing, but not a total game changer. We attend the show more for a social aspect than for looking at new bikes. Most of us see the new machines and read about them months before these shows. You have to love the Internet!

We spent 4-5 hours at the show, chatting with old friends, making a few new ones and just soaking up the motorcycle vibes. Speaking of meeting new people. We had our first “we watch you on YouTube” exchange and it was AWESOME. A couple from Baton Rouge spoke with Jamie and I and it was cool meeting them and knowing that someone watches the videos. I am not mentioning their name as I did not get approval from them. Being a rookie YouTuber I should have had them on camera if they had agreed to it. I will do better at this stuff in the future.

We finished the day by relaxing in the afternoon, then meeting a few of our friends for Dinner and drinks. It was an amazing weekend. I wanted to thank Becky & Jeff for adjusting their busy schedules to attend and spend some time with us. I don’t want to forget Rob, David, Adan and Bob for all of your support and thanks for coming down for breakfast. The riding season is right around the corner and I can’t wait! Let’s Ride!