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It’s Freezing Out!

Finally found the right solution for the helmet. No fuss and easy to use.

See the video here

I got the new Dango Gripper Mount and it is awesome. I love the way that it fits on my helmet and the way it is easily attached and removed. No placing any 3M tape or glue, quick and easy install. I picked the black version as I wanted it to fit the Bell’s paint scheme.

The weather was a little cold this past weekend. The high was in the mid 20’s with a wind chill of 8-12 degrees. It was cold here in NW Arkansas. I got up and decided to test out the new mount. Now it was too damn cold to ride, but wanted to try it out. I decided it would be cool to put the helmet on and walk down the street to try it out. I am sure the neighbors thought I was going mad.

Next week I will be trying the new mic and setting that up in the helmet as well. So stay tuned!