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It was a wet misty day – Let’s ride!

When I run into the local weatherman, I am going to kick him in the ass. We were rained out for our overnight trip, so Jamie and I were excited that the forecast had only a 10% chance of rain for Saturday. We were excited that we would get to ride and get some miles on the Versys.  We started the day off at the meet and greet that the Lone Star BMW put on each Saturday morning. Love meeting up with good friends. The skies were dark and gloomy but Jamie and I were excited. The weatherman said it was not going to rain. Hell the radar did not show any rain. We were good. 

We took off around 10am, we were heading out to East Texas to have brunch at the Shed in Edom and then do a nice little loop around the lake and head home. We had a very nice ride. It was not raining but a fine mist surrounded us all day. We did get to enjoy some nice roads. It was a good morning on the bike. We met up with Kevin Edwards and his beautiful wife Cara at the Shed. Kevin lives in Tyler so it was an easy jaunt down for lunch. It was nice getting to spend some time with them. We look forward to hanging out with them in the near future. 

We headed back to Dallas doing the long way round. This was not the best of choices as we finally ran out of the mist and into the rain. It was not a hard down pour but we did get wet. The jackets and pants worked well, but my hands got cold as I had the wrong gloves. We also learned that without the top case Jamie got really dirty as the rain kicked up on the back of her jacket. Not a huge issue, just an observation. We did get a good 260 miles on the Versys. Good times.