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2nd time was the ticket! Jamie now has her motorcycle endorsement!

Jamie took a couple of weeks to recover from her first class, both mentally and physically. Yesterday she got up with the excitement of a kid on Christmas morning! She seemed very confident and was looking forward t getting back on the bike.

She called me a couple of hours after her practice time to let me know that she passed the riding portion of the class and never even came close to dropping the bike! I am so proud of her.

Jamie went and took the Arkansas state written test and passed easily. She is now a fully licensed M endorsed rider!

Now the fun starts! We will be practicing a ton in a parking lot, allowing for her to get familiar with her Z400. She fully understands that she will be practicing for many weeks before we jump into a real world situation. We are in no hurry for her to hit the road.

I want to take a moment to thank you all who wrote and gave support to Jamie when she had failed the class. Our family and friends along with our social media community was so positive and it really made Jamie and I feel good. Thank you all for the great support!

Stay tuned for more of Jamie’s motorcycle adventure.