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Jasper Texas and that damn KiPass Issue

I actually had a weekend free so at the last moment, Jackie and I decided to throw together a ride to east Texas. Just a quick over night journey. Herman joined us on Saturday morning and off we went.  We did a nice around about ride through the Piney Woods of East Texas. It was a great day to ride and the weather was perfect. We did a quick stop in Edom for Breakfast and then did a snack in Nacogdoches Texas. It was a nice 350 mile day. We stayed at the Best Western in Jasper Texas

It was raining on Sunday when we took off. We decided it best to get home and avoid getting drenched. This would be a good call, especially with the events that happened later. We did a quick breakfast and was on the road by 7:30. It was wet, but nothing crazy. Just enough to make the curvy roads a little scary. 

At our final stop the fun begins. We get a drink and say our goodbyes. I climb aboard the bike, push in the Key.. NOTHING!.. uugh must be a bad battery in the FOB.. WRONG, I changed that and still NOTHING. So we check the battery.. NOTHING. I curse and threaten to push the bike over on its side.. NOTHING! Well the good news is I have road side assistance from Progressive Insurance. Well let me tell you that story. They dispatch a truck and they tell me it should take 15 minutes to get a call and set up pick up. To my delight the phone rings 5 minutes later.. it is the towing company.. Here is the first question this guy asks me. Is the bike lowered..My reply NO, Guy asks if it is a two wheeled drive bike.. WTF I say No. The guy then asks if he can load it in a pick up truck? I said no, it weighs over 600 lbs and it would be a bear to load in a truck. He then told me he had good ramps.. Oh Lord.. lol After trying to explain that I did not want to load it in a truck, he tells me a flatbed would be 2 hours. I said thanks but no thanks. I called my wife and she loaded up the trailer and drove the hour to come get me. I did good in the wife department. 

I have taken the bike to the dealer and I am hoping it wont cost me an arm and a leg to fix.. I will keep you all informed.  Thanks to Jackie and Herman for hanging out and helping me load her up. You guys are true friends and I appreciate the help.