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Just what the Doctor ordered!

Jamie and I had a rough week and we really wanted to just enjoy each others company this weekend and get a few miles on the new bike. Well Sunday could not have been a better day for it. We got up and headed out to Lucy’s on the square for breakfast. we ran into David Jackson and some of his friends while we were there. It was nice seeing David. I miss riding with him. We enjoyed our breakfast. We do not have the GPS installed so I was looking at a paper map (gasp… lol) to see where the day may take us. 

We decided that we would head up towards Oklahoma. We were just out to enjoy the day and the bike. We eventually made it to Pelican’s landing for a quick tea break. The weather was amazing. I love the days that we can ride in full gear and be perfectly comfortable. This was one of those days. There were a ton of bikes on the road as well. 

Sitting on the deck at the restaurant and enjoying the view was almost too relaxing. We decided that we had better get up and going before we fell asleep. Thank God there was not a hammock in sight. We headed back home the long way, getting in FM 697 on the way home. There were a number of bikes headed up to that area. It is always a good sight seeing bikers out enjoying our hobby. We finished up eating lunch at Charlies in Farmersville. The food was good and the service was better. We will be back there again. We got home after logging 237 of sun filled – relaxing riding. It was a day that we needed. Oh yeah the Versys is amazing! We love our new bike.