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Just what the World needs… another vlogger.

Christmas was kind to me and I am now an owner of a Hero Black 7 GoPro, hope I don’t suck to bad.

It is Christmas day and I am so excited! Jamie gave me to green light to order the new Hero Black 7 GoPro. The features look amazing! The key features that peaked my interest were; Voice control, Rugged, Super Photo and the most exciting Hyper Smooth.

Gimbal-like stabilization–without the gimbal.

So I have decided to add a YouTube page to the blog. When I post my first video, I will send the link so that you all can subscribe and stay up to date with the blog. I am sure the first video will need some work so I will be asking for your thoughts. The camera should be in my hands on Dec 27th. I ordered the Hero Black 7 along with a small hand / tripod, a wrist lanyard and a microphone adapter. I will be ordering an external mic as soon as I do more research.

I have been overloading on YouTube videos with tips on how to make good videos and the tips of having a decent channel. I really want to make this a fun endeavor for both you all and for myself. I plan on doing all sorts of videos so I hope that you all stay tuned.

Jamie and I hope that you all had a great Christmas. Until next time, Ride Safe!

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