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Let’s hit the road!

I got up after a restful night and went out and loaded up the truck with all of our gear, then almost threw out my back lifting the trailer to get it back on the truck. I put the coolers in the back and headed off to work. We have a large lot so I took trailer and all. I did not want to go home before heading out of town that evening. 3:45PM seemed to take forever for the work day to end. I changed clothes and headed to meet Vern in Weatherford at the petro station. It took me 45 minutes to get over there. I did have a surprise as my top speed was 243 MPH!! My truck hauls ass! We stayed at the Super 8 in Abilene. Rob was already there, as he left Dallas early to avoid the bad weather. This was a great idea. The weather was not good as the fog was really thick when we got to the hotel. We were under severe weather watch all evening. I guess a pretty good tornado hit Albany Texas, right outside Abilene. We did not have too bad of an evening. I know I slept well. I did get a phone call from jamie (my wife) around 2:30AM. She was pretty shook up, saying the lightning was bad and the winds were howling!