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Let’s look at Plans for 2009

I want to start off this little entry by wishing you all a happy New Year! I am hoping that 2009 will be a little more stable on the home / work front for me this year, but all in all life is good and we are looking forward to riding in 2009. I have been asked to be a ride comittee member for the Lonestar BMW club here in North Dallas. I am looking forward to helping with organizing some good rides in the upcomming year. So with that in mind I have started to work on a couple of rides for the first half of 2009. It looks like that our first trip to Arkansas this year will be on April 23-26th. We are trying to avoid a cold strat to this seasons riding. the past two years the first ride has been early April and it has been really cold, so we thought we would back it up a few weeks. This will also be herman’s first longer journey since his heart issues in October of 08. Here are a few tentative details for that trip.

Utah / Colorado STN National Meet Trip: June 13 – June 21 (Early Planning Stages) June 13: Depart for the Colorado Trip June 14: to be determined June 15: to be determined June 16: to be determined June 17: to be determined June 18: to be determined June 19: to be determined June 20: to be determined June 21: to be determined

This trip is still in the planning stages. We had planned to attend the BMW national meet in July in Tennessee but the dates do not work for us, as we have a family reunion to attend. I spoke with a few of the guys and since we were already in that part of the country last year on a trip, that maybe we should head towards Colorado this year. We were there a few years ago and love riding in that area. We would venture into Utah as well. Stay tuned for more information.

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