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LSBMW Autumn Colors Ride

Beautiful colors and catching up with old and new friends.

Looking at the weather report, Jamie and I knew we wanted to take advantage of the sunny weather and ride. The good news was the LSBMW Riders had their annual Falls Colors Ride scheduled for that same weekend. We took a flyer and called the Pinewood Cabins and much to our surprise they had a motel room available. We really enjoy the cabins but this would work.

Then more good fortune… Yeeha sent me a text and asked if we wanted to meet up with him on Saturday and ride. As you all know I love riding with Yeeha and the wheels were set into motion.

Jamie and I got up early on Saturday, but on the cold weather gear and hit the road. We knew that after lunch the layers would come off, but for the morning start the heated gear was amazing! We hooked up with Yeeha at the Ozark Cafe for lunch. We love that place and today did not disappoint. Jasper was a busy place as bikes and jeeps the color watchers were all out in force. The jaunt from Kingston to Jasper was a slow ride as many color seekers were clogging up our beautiful Arkansas roads. It was a day to take in the colors and not focus so much on those awesome twisty roads we love so much. It was a beautiful day.

We got to the cafe around 11:30 and spent the next hour catching up and enjoying a wonderful lunch. The weather was indeed warming up. The afternoon ride looked to be a great one.

After lunch we headed down scenic Highway 7 before getting on AR 16. It was a beautiful afternoon. The colors were out and the traffic cleared up. It was a great combination for the perfect afternoon. We rolled into Mountain View around 4PM. We walked up the hill and got to visit with some of the Lonestar Riders group. It had been a few months since I have seen some of them. We stood around, kick some tires and just enjoyed the afternoon. Jamie and I did have dessert as the ice cream store was open and it looked too good to pass up.

That evening we all went to dinner at Anglers on the Scott River. The views are always nice and the food is always … so so… We arrived and there was a little mix up so we had to wait to be seated. When we did get a table, we got to sit outside on the deck. Now during the day this time of year that is a prime seat. However at night with the temps cooling down, lets just say not so much. We all sat around telling stories and enjoying each others company. We also had some entertainment as the hostess was a few sheets to the wind, if you catch my drift.

We had dinner, dodged some deer heading back to the room and after it was all over, it had been a great evening. We parted ways with the group and said that we would meet them in the morning for breakfast.

I don’t know why I looked so scared.. maybe the hostess was coming back.. haha

The next morning, the weather had changed. It was overcast with a little dampness in the air. We rode over to PJ’s Sunshine Cafe and had breakfast with some of the gang. We had a good meal and then we said our goodbyes and headed to our next destination. Some of the folks were heading on to Oklahoma to stay the evening before heading back into Dallas. Yeeha was headed for Queen Wilhelmina lodge for the night. Jamie and I would hit the famous Push Mountain before meandering our way across Missouri back to the house.

It was a great ride home. We never got wet, the colors were amazing and the traffic light. Jamie and I stopped and had lunch outside Cassville at a place we had never eaten at in the past. It was the farmer daughter Restaurant and what a nice surprise. The food was good and the service was even better. It was a little windy rising home, but nothing too crazy. It was a fun overnight journey and we were glad we ventured out. We got to meet some new friends and catch up with some old, so it was a great experience. We miss riding with our Dallas family.

Until next time everyone be safe out there! Let’s Ride!

If you want to see all of the pictures we took of the event click here. You can also Click Here to see the LSBMW pictures. (members only)

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