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LSBMW Breakfast – Feed Sack

The day started out gloomy and misting, but this is nothing new as of late for North Texas. Jamie and I awoke just hoping not to see it raining outside. It was dark, but the weather report looked promising and we were itching to ride. We decided to join the Lone Star BMW Riders Monthly Breakfast Run. We geared up and headed over to the meeting point. It started to rain as we pulled out of the alley behind our house. The good news is by the time we arrived at the meeting place the rain had stopped. 

We arrived at the meeting spot and we were greeted by 7-8 bikes and friendly faces all ready to ride. We kicked some tires and drank a cup of coffee. We headed out for a nice little two hour jaunt through the Texas farm land. It was a nice ride, not to cool and we even did a few roads that I had not done in the past. 

We arrive at Windom Texas at the Feed Sack right around 20 noon. It looked like we just be the late arriving church crowd. It was busy but nothing crazy. We got a nice table seating 12. 

We enjoyed a nice lunch, it looked like it might start to rain again as we were getting together to leave. Jamie and I were shooting back to the metroplex as we wanted to ride over to Celina Texas to get some points in the Texas Small Town Cafe Motorcycle Tour. I actually started the idea so I figured it was time for Jamie and I to get on the board. 

The weather broke and we could not believe it, we saw the bright yellow orb that had been talked about but never seen. Yes folks the sun was out and the temps actually warmed up. We enjoyed the ride to Lucy’s in Celina. What a nice afternoon to ride. We had a piece of pie, got our pictures for the tour and just enjoyed a nice relaxing time together. It was awesome!

Were hoping spring is here to stay, Lets hope because we want to ride! Be safe everyone!

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