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LSBMW Tech Day

The LoneStar BMW club was having their annual Tech Day on Saturday and since I had a rare Saturday off I decided to attend. Jamie had to take a test in Dallas early Saturday morning so we were up and at Starbucks at 6:30am. Yes that is early for a Saturday. the gang was going to meet here and head out to the tech day around 10am. It was just a tad chilly to start the day.  I like starting the day out chatting with friends about this great hobby. The group was great this morning. The smell of wrench turning was in the air and some of the guys were very excited about that. The group took off around 9:15. Ben led the group the long way round avoiding the dreaded metroplex traffic. It was a very enjoyable ride. I do have one thing to say. These rides with large groups have really started to scare me off. We were doing fine until the group almost missed the entrance to the tech day. Part of the group did miss it and decided to go by and turn back around. The 3 bikes in front of me had a more stressful few seconds as one bike decided to make the turn and almost caused a little pile up. It was really no ones fault, but still scary. I really like riding in smaller groups. I know I am in the minority but really like 4-5 bikes at most in a group. Just easier to manage IMHO. it was not a big deal and did not dampen spirits as we entered the garage. I want to thank Aaron Zimmerman for hosting this event. It was a good time. I did not do any work, but watched a few bikes get some work done. I stayed for a few hours. I headed back and took the long way home enjoying the sunny North Texas Weather. It was another great event for the LSBMW group.