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Manchester TN – Clarksville AR

We got up and started to move pretty early as we knew that this day would be our longest of the trip. We would be doing 550+ miles. This is a long day for me and Jamie. I have never been one of those guys who could do the Iron Butt thing. I love riding, but I remember what my father told me years ago. He said if you ride to the point of non enjoyment you have rode too long. I have to agree 300-400 miles is a good day for us.

We shot down 64 in TN, passing thru great places like Lynchburg the home of jack Daniels) Lawrenceburg the place that Davey Crockett called home. I love traveling the back roads and seeing small town America. It sure beats the interstate.

Well it was a long hot day and I got bored a few times, so I took some shots of the boys going down the road.

We headed into Memphis and had to jump on I-40 to get out of that area as soon as possible. We did take some time to stop and get some Memphis BBQ. After that we slabbed thru Memphis and headed off towards Arkansas.

We could have cooked up this thing that was lodged into the bike when we stopped for lunch.

The place that the Memphis Tigers play basketball, reminds me of the Luxor in Vegas.

We were going to take the side highways into Clarksville, but the day was going away faster than we had anticipated. So we decided to do the I-40 shuffle to Clarksville. We had called my brother Vern, while eating in Dallas and he went online and got us 3 rooms in the Super 8 in Clarksville so we were all set. It was hot and we wanted to get off the bikes. I-40 sucks! The truck traffic was awful. Non stop hustle and bustle and just crazy. Just another reason I avoid the super slab whenever possible.

We pulled into Plummerville about 60 miles from our destination and Rob realized that he had a flat tire…doh! We were in a gas station, so we moved the GT to the Air pump and began to look for the hole. We did not find a nail, but did find a good size hole. We pulled out the patch kit and then aired the GT up. We were back in on the road in 20 minutes. It was starting to get dark, so we headed out. We made it to Clarksville in record time. We walked over to the KFC and had dinner then took showers. Jamie and I wanted to check out the 24 hour XXX place next door to the hotel, but we were too tired. Maybe next time.


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