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Manchester TN – Clarksville AR

We got up and started to move pretty early as we knew that this day would be our longest of the trip. We would be doing 550+ miles. This is a long day for me and Jamie. I have never been one of those guys who could do the Iron Butt thing. I love riding, but I remember what my father told me years ago. He said if you ride to the point of non enjoyment you have rode too long. I have to agree 300-400 miles is a good day for us.

We shot down 64 in TN, passing thru great places like Lynchburg the home of jack Daniels) Lawrenceburg the place that Davey Crockett called home. I love traveling the back roads and seeing small town America. It sure beats the interstate.

Well it was a long hot day and I got bored a few times, so I took some shots of the boys going down the road.