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Mena Brrrrrrr !!! Great fun but Cold !

Cold.. it was a chilly trip to Mena Arkansas this past weekend. A group of us met at Cafe Brasil up in McKinney on Friday morning. We all watched the weather and it said it would be chilly, so we decided to forge ahead. We had a good group of people.

Jamie & I on the Trophy, Pete and Tracy on his ST 1300, My brother Vern and his wife, Shelly on their ST, Jackie and his wonderful wife Alta on his black ST, Rob on the BMW GT, Tom on his 05 Connie and Dave & Tarci in the truck towing the trailer and his BMW Boxer Cup.

The ride was a cold one. We stopped a couple of times to add more layers. Jamie had her heated vest so she was good. About half way up there the Trophy started to run weird, it would cut out, then kick back in. The tach would drop off to 0 then jump back up to normal. By the time we got to the lodge it felt like I was running on 2 cylinders.. not good. Come to find out a coil wire broke and we think that is the problem. Dave has a trophy and the same thing happened to him, so we are thinking positive. Before the bike started to run badly, the Trophy was a dream. Great riding position, wonderful power and the two up was great! I am sure once we get the issues solved we will be very happy with the “big blue temp gauge” The group started calling it that, since it has a temp reading that you can see without turning the bike on. They were giving me a hard time, saying that it was good for something, since I could not ride it. I have wonderful friends.

We did get to go up and see Dave and Traci’s new land. It was beautiful. I have posted some pictures for you all to see.

The group did not ride much as it never got out of the high 30’s the entire weekend. A few of the guys went up and down the parkway, but most of us just hung out, Drank a little too much and played cards. The cool thing about this group is we are all good friends, so times like these are not an issue.

We rode back on Sunday morning, it was a cold, but warmer than the rest of the weekend. Riding down from Mena was wonderful. We had a great time and will be back up there next month, hopefully with a bike running at 100% and with warmer air.. all and all it was still a wonderful weekend. You can see all of the pictures here: Easter Weekend – Mena Trip 07