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Moms for breakfast and racing for lunch

Jamie and I had not been on the bike in a few weeks so we decided last week that we would do a little ride on Sunday. We wanted to try and do something new, so when I found out about the races at Eagle Canyon, we jumped at the chance to see some racing

We met Rob and Herman at Starbucks and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee on a beautiful Sunday morning. We headed out for Moms on the square in Aubry around 8AM. We did a few miles of FM roads and showed up at Moms to meet a nice crowd that had already arrived. It was a nice turn out. The gang was all there and we even saw my brother. Hell I thought he had sold his bikes. haha!

After a great meal the gang broke up and heading along to tend to their Sunday agendas. Graham, Rob and Jamie and I headed out to see some racing and enjoy the day listening to fast bikes and supporting the local racing clubs. We had a great afternoon. We stuck around for a few hours just soaking in the motorcycle drug that they call racing.