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MOORE Expo 2022 – good times!

This is our 3rd MOORE Expo that we have attended, however it is our first as a vendor, so we did not know what to expect.

I loaded up the JK and headed to Springfield early on Thursday as I did not know how the set up thing would work. I have done many trade shows in my life and sometimes the hardest part of the show is tearing down and setting up. Chris and the rest of the MOORE staff had the set up process running like a fine tuned machine and I was out of there in less than 2 hours.

The weather was not being kind. The wind was blowing hard and a cold front was rolling in. Last year we had snow for this event. I felt bad for all of the vendors outside. The good news is we had a fantastic day on Saturday and Sunday. The outdoor venues were really busy!

I figured I might as well go check into the hotel and then go find me something to eat. Let’s just say that my hotel experience was not a good one. The place was run down and I had to change rooms due to the AC unit being torn apart and laying all over the floor. This was not one of the better Quality Inns that I have stayed in. They did make it right by giving me a 50% discount, so I was happy about that.

The good news is I found a fantastic coffee shop right down the road form the hotel. Echelon Coffee was amazing and the staff was the best! Great coffee, great service and just a wonderful experience. We will be back!

I finished up the evening meeting some new friends and eating some world class BBQ at the Whole Hog. It was very good. I got to meet the fine folks from TC Teardrop trailers while eating. It was fun getting to chat with Todd & Carol and getting to know them a little. They have a great trailer, so if you are in the market, go check them out!

One of the best things about these events are getting to meet good folks that enjoy the same hobbies. The off-road / overlanding crowd for the most part have some great folks involved at all levels. Todd & Carol were just a few of the kind folks that we met over the course of the weekend.

Friday arrived and it was COLD! The wind was blowing and the temps were not going to climb out of the 40’s. However you would not have known it from the show turn out. The crowds were steady for most of the day! The inside vendors took advantage of the traffic as those poor folks outside were just trying to stay warm. It was so much fun speaking with folks from all over the U.S.

I did not get out into the show much as the booth was bust for most of the day! That is a good thing. Here are a few shots from that Friday.

The calm before the storm – right before the doors opened on Friday!

There were a ton of e-bikes at the show.

Jamie had to teach on Friday, but she rolled in right as the show was closing on Friday. We made it a short evening as we were both beat. My feet were killing me. I am out of practice at standing on hard floors all day. It was a great first day of the show. The weather forecast looked to be much better for Saturday, so we hit the bed with our spirits high!

We awoke on Saturday to blue skies and just a hint of wind! It was going to be a great day. We headed over to Echelon for breakfast before getting over to the show. What a fantastic day! The show had a ton of traffic and smiles were had by all. The day went by fast, as we stayed very busy. Jamie and I took turns and spoke with people so the other could go explore the show. There are so many cool things at these shows. Now I we need to do is win the lottery. Here are more pics from the show.

This Subaru got Jamie and I thinking….

I think we could do Van Life!

This may be a little overkill for our needs

We really liked this trailer.

We decided not to do the vendor party after the show. We drove to downtown and took in the Springfield brewery. The food took forever, but the service was top notch and the beer was tasty and cold. What else can one ask for? It was a good day and Jamie and me were looking forward to doing it all over again tomorrow.

Sunday was almost as nice as Saturday. The winds picked up, but it stayed warm. The crowds were not as good as the first two days, but that is expected for a Sunday in the Midwest.

One of the cool things about this show was the story teller section. They had all the larger content creators parked in front. They spent most of the days just chatting with folks. Foe us, it is cool seeing these folks that we watch each week on YouTube. I am amazed at the money they have spent on gear. Some of the camera stuff was Hollywood quality equipment.

It was great getting to speak with Matt & Cara from Ozark Overland Adventures, they are always friendly and just seem like genuine folks.

We were excited to see Condiwomple Overland. We enjoy their channel and like all of the story tellers were so nice to speak with.

I got to speak with Matt from Frey’s on the side. The have a great family channel and has become one of our favorites. Go check them out.

One of the best out there in terms of story telling and drone footage is Rob at Revere Overland. I am sure I am missing someone, but you get the point! There was some serious YouTube talent at MOORE. Jamie and I are hoping to get to that level, but until then we will watch these fine folks and learn more tips of the trade!

The show ended at 2pm on Sunday and Jamie and I closed down shop pretty quickly. It was only a 2 hour drive home, but we were both pretty tired. It had been a long few days of standing on our feet and talking. Yes folks I got tired of talking, I know you all find that hard to believe.

Here are a few links for more information concerning this fantastic weekend. Until next time everyone, Be Safe and Be Kind!

Moore Expo Complete Photo Gallery from the Expo YouTube video from the Expo

I almost forgot. Our next show/event will be at KOAR. We will be heading to the Keweenaw Overland Adventure Retreat on Sept 15 – 18, 2022. This will be the first time for us to attend and support this event. Stay tuned for more information.

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