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Mother’s Day Ride to Pelican Landing

Jamie and I actually had a Sunday off together so we decided it would be good to get some riding in. Jamie recommended lunch at Pelican’s Landing up on Lake Texhoma. Its sounded like a great idea! Let’s Ride! We met the gang at Starbucks. Rob, Bob and David joined us. We had a long route planned that would go up north to Muenster area and then jog over to the Lake, It was a beautiful morning. 

We logged 250 miles of beautiful weather and got to spend the day with each other and with good friends. We had a little wait at the restaurant. Lunch was very good and the ride home was a quick one as we spent more time eating than we had planned. It was a great day!

We enjoyed the day, and we finished it off with a nice mother’s Day dinner at Blue Fish. Sushi Baby! Not a bad way to finish up the day.