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Mothers Day Weekend Get Away – Day 1

We jumped on the Parkway and next thing we knew we were at the lodge. Lunch was good then we headed down to our hotel in Mena.

We stayed at the Sun Country Inn. Nothing fancy but it was clean and close to a few places to eat as well. We got to the hotel around 3:30 and it was HOT! We decided to cool down take a break and then head out around 4:30 to do the (Parkway) ridge before it got too dark. When we came up the Ridge to the Lodge, we had to keep the pace on the slow side as they were mowing the grass on the Oklahoma side of things and the roads were full of grass and dirt and that sort of thing. We were a little less excited about starting our loop later in the day as we figured the roads would be a mess. However that was not the case, the grass was gone and the speeds were brisk. That is a great road to go fast on and to enjoy the beautiful outlooks.