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Mothers Day Weekend Get Away – Day 3

So we got up at 5 and hit the road at 6am. We filled up and grabbed a quick b-fast from Micky D’s and off we went. Well it was down right chilly out. My temp gauge said 54. I was freezing as my liner for my jacket was, where else?? in the side bag. Well we were chugging along at a pretty good clip. We were headed into the sun, so it was tough to see at times but were were the only thing up and at’em this early. Or so we thought, Rob passed a group of 4 deer, two of those made the dash right in front of me and the Trophy, We missed them by 20 ft or so but it sure jump started the heart. We stopped a little further down the road. I said I needed to put in the liner, but it was also to calm my racing heart. We slowed the pace for awhile and headed off. We had an uneventful ride home. I got back to Plano by 11:30. I clocked 987 miles for the weekend. It was a wonderful trip.

This is what happens when you set the timer and you jump the gun.