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Moto Guzzi Heavan – Italy Texas

Rob and I met up and went to breakfast on Saturday before we headed over to meet Paul at the bookstore. Paul had a route that led us to Italy. The route took us thru some great little farm roads. We arrived at Italy around 11AM. We parked the bikes and made the stroll down main street.

We hooked up with Vern and Bo and did lunch at the fine establishment of Dairy Queen. We said our goodbyes and headed back to Dallas. Paul had some issues and actually had a flat tire. Since the Bonnie has tubed tires and his fix a flat.. didn’t. We parked it in a safe place so that Paul could go home and get his trailer. Rob hauled Paul back to Dallas on his GT. Rob and Paul made such a nice looking couple on the Beemer.. It was a good day with friends.


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