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Motorcycle Gratitude

As Jamie and I were riding along the rolling hills of SW Missouri heading into Oklahoma on Sunday, I felt a special sense of calmness surround us. The weather had a little crispness in the air, the sun was shining and there was not a cloud in the sky. How fortunate for us, that we could be in this moment, at this very time. As the saying goes “life is good”.

While we were enjoying the ride, I started to think about how grateful I was that we could enjoy this great hobby. Being a motorcycle enthusiast is a privilege and I was so very thankful, that I was getting to share this special moment with my beautiful pillion. I think that we take the act of riding a motorcycle and enjoying the world with the air in our face for granted.

So with that thought on my mind, I decided that I would write a blog post outlining the top 5 things I am most grateful for in the terms of riding a motorcycle and what that means to my life. I am sure you may have different thoughts. Leave a comment if you think I missed a big one. There are no right or wrong answers here. These are my top 5.

Nothing beats the freedom of a great motorcycle journey.

1 – The Freedom It is hard to explain to someone who does not ride. The act of throwing a leg over your bike, starting the motor and feeling the rumble. Riding out on a winding road, not another vehicle in sight. Just you and your machine. You feel the stress of the day leaving your body. Not a care in the world. This is the time to relax, recharge and enjoy the freedom that is motorcycle riding. I am thankful that riding my bike allows me a time to enjoy true freedom.

Riding with friends is always special.

2 – The Friendships, Old & New One of the best things that we love about riding is the friends we meet along the journey. We have made so many friends, that if we had not been riding motorcycles, our paths might have never crossed. That is so cool! You have different economic, demographic and cultural backgrounds all blending together, with one common denominator and that is being a motorcycle enthusiast. We have friends that we met over 20 years ago that we still talk to and ride with. I would challenge you on how many non motorcycle friends that you have, that have played a role in your life for that long. There is a special bond among riders and for this I am truly grateful.

The memories made with good friends is priceless.

3 –The Stories Over the past 35+ years of riding a motorcycle I have collected a number of stories that still make me laugh or cry. Jamie and I have so many fantastic stories of great rides, harsh weather, some get offs and just chill’in by a fire after a long day of riding. Motorcycle journeys lend themselves to great stories. I am thankful that we have shared so many great stories with friends over the years. We also look forward to experiencing more in the near future.

There is always cool stuff coming out that ikmpacts our great hobby.

4- Technology I remember a time when I thought things like a GPS, heated gear, ABS, cruise control and heated grips were for riders that did not want to experience the complete ride! I am admitting now, that I was a complete and utter fool for having those thoughts. Technology has brought our level of riding enjoyment up 100 fold. Going into a corner a little hot?…. no worries… the cornering ABS and the riding controls will help you out of the situation that 20 years ago would have thrown you to the ground. The weather starts to get cold, turn on the heated grips and keep going. Looking for that gas station in the middle of no where. The GPS comes to the rescue! Motorcycle technology is one of the most exciting things happening in our hobby and for that I am so Thankful!

Riding a motorcycle helps with your physical and mental well-being.

5- Personal Health Jamie and I have been blessed with pretty decent health and have not had to take any long breaks from riding. We have been very fortunate that we can get on the bike, take a long or short trip and do not have to worry health wise if we are making the correct choice. We are so thankful for that. We have had some friends that have had to stop riding, due to some health reasons. Life goes on and they are very happy in the new chapter of their life. I personally have been riding since I turned 14. It is in my blood and I would have a tough adjustment period if it were taken away from me. So I am very thankful for all of the days that I get to experience all that is mentioned above and more. So the next time you go for a ride. Take a moment to reflect. How cool is it that we can experience this thing called motorcycle riding? I for one will never take it for granted! Until next time everyone, Ride safe