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Motorcycle Lust – I gotta have it!

You know what I am talking about. You see it and you gotta have it! Beautiful bikes that I never owned.

I started riding in 1980, on a beautiful Honda CX500 Custom, that my father gave me. I will never forget that day. That was the day when my passion and obsession for all things two wheels occurred. I had always loved motorcycles, but this was a game changer. It was my bike. I looked so cool, or at least thought I did. I was 16 years old and got to ride my motorcycle to school. I just knew that the girls would love it.

What I did not know is that it started a life long passion that I love to this day. I love all of the bikes I have owned in the past. That V65 Sabre that screamed down a straight road, only to turn into the worse cornering machine on the planet, when a curve presented itself. Or my first bike, I purchased on my own. It was a beautiful 1983 GPZ 550, with an intoxicating 65hp. It would do 110 mph! Yes it would. I loved that bike.

I hope that karma has bitten the thief that decided my Katana 750 looked better in the back of his truck than with its rightful owner. I will always have fine memories of my first sport touring machine. My 1993 GSXR 750 opened up many doors for me in the scheme of touring. Who knew you could travel on a bike that could also be a blast on Colorado mountain roads? It was a revolution!

I am leaving off a few others, as this post has started to go down a long sentimental path. So back to the the post.

I look back and I wish I could have owned so many different makes and models. I so wanted a Kawasaki GPZ750 Turbo or that new Vmax when it hit the streets. That exotic Ducati, too many too mention here.. hell all of them! The Honda CX500 Turbo, the Suzuki GS1150GS, The Kawasaki 900 all were on my mind from one time to another. I have lusted for many machines, during this crazy motorcycle obsession of mine. I am sure you have as well.

So join me in recognizing that you have the same aliment and you need a release. Tell me what bikes you lusted after and why! Lets have some fun going down memory lane.