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Mr. Heater Buddy makes winter camping a joy!

This blog post contains affiliate links. The cost of the products listed is the same as if you bought them without utilizing the link. Purchasing the products using the links, allows us to get a few dollars, which in turn allows for this blog to continue moving forward.

I know that many folks out there, put their camping gear away the minute the weather changes. We used to do that as well.

Now I will be transparent, Jamie is NOT winter camping. It does not matter what we have to keep us more comfortable, she would rather not do it.

I have started to venture out in the winter, and the main reason is my friend Mr. Heater Buddy. That dude is amazing! Not too expensive, very dependable and you never have to have a conversation with him.

I spent a few weekends camping this winter when the temperatures were in the mid to low 30s. The only reason this was possible, was the Buddy Heater. I know that there are different solutions out there. Some folks bring a portable power station and plug in the electric blanket. I have seen a number of respected overlanders who utilize a diesel heater. I am sure that those are good solutions. However, I am a cheap guy. I like to save money and get the best bang for the buck. Mr. Heater Buddy fits that role for me.

Staying warm for less than $80

The cost of ownership is very easy to get into. The propane bottles can add up, but you can also get the adaptor for a bigger propane bottle. I use the smaller bottles as they are easy to carry around and I only go through one bottle for an entire evening.

Is it a SAFE solution? Some folks voice a safety hazard using Mr. Heater Buddy. Each unit has an auto-shutoff. If the unit gets tilted to a certain point. I feel very comfortable with the safety part of this product. The only thing, I feel you have to be careful with, is the wire grate that covers the front of the unit gets really hot. You really have to be careful and not touch that grate.

How I use this amazing product

When camping, I try to spend the evening by the fire! Nothing beats a fire out in the woods. That will be another blog post in the future. When I can’t be by the fire or we are going to bed, that is when Mr. Heater Buddy shines. I turn on the unit and let it warm up the tent while I get ready to crawl into my sleeping bag. Nothing feels better than crawling into bed with a warm tent.

We use a Gazelle T4 tent and it is big. The Heater Buddy warms up that tent in 10-15 minutes. I try not to fall asleep with the heater on, but I will admit I have left it on for extended periods of time. In the best-case scenario, I turn it on to get into bed. I will turn it on a few times during the night, especially when I have to get up and use the restroom, I will turn it on to take the chill out of the air when I crawl back into bed. Then I will turn it up to warm up the tent when I wake up in the morning! It makes for a comfortable night.

You should add the Heater Buddy to your kit

Some folks apologize for being comfortable while camping. They look down on people that use an air mattress or have some of the creature comforts of home. Not me. I want to be comfortable and in turn, I will want to camp more. Mr. Buddy Heater extends my camping season and I will not apologize for that.

If you have not tried using the Heater Buddy, I recommend trying it out. You can use the following link to order this amazing product. The cost is the same if you use this link, but the end result is we get a little credit for the sale and that helps this blog to move forward.

Purchase Mr. Heater Buddy Purchase the Adaptor kit for use with 20lb propane bottle. Purchase the 1lb bottles - Four (4) Pack

How do you stay warm while winter camping? Do you winter camp? I look forward to seeing your responses. What is the one piece of gear that is a must-have for you to go winter camping?