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MSTA – Bull Shoals (BS) Rally – Theodosia 2018

Jamie and I were excited to attend this rally. We have met some great friends in our short time in NWA. Bill and Gayla have been awesome! We have started a great relationship both on and off the bikes, that we hope will last for years. Bill was the first person we met in Arkansas in the motorcycle riding community. We were visiting Bentonville BMW and heard that we were new to the area and loved to ride. He introduced himself and the rest is history. Both he and Gayla said we should attend this rally. So we made it a priority to attend and we are glad that we did. This was also our first MSTA event and after our experience at Theodosia it will NOT be our last! The weather did not really cooperate but the weekend was so much fun. We did get some riding in, it was a tad wet but fun non the less. We met some great people and felt like we welcomed from the first day we road in. What a fun event. Here is a quick ride report with some pictures.  We woke up Friday morning to a number of bikes in the parking lot, overcast skies and well rested. We ate at the resort and then decided to take a little ride before the weather kicked. We hooked up with Tom on his ST1300 and hit the road. It was a fun day of rising and we actually made it home mostly dry. We rode the last 10 minutes in the rain, so it was no big deal. 

We enjoyed the afternoon,just talking with new friends. Thanks Tom, Jim and many others for introducing yourself and making us feel like we belonged. It was a great day. Bill, Gayla, Lisa, Linda and Kris all rolled in later that afternoon. Kris had the big surprise as he rode up on a brand new Kawasaki Ninja H2 SXSE. WOW! what a beautiful machine. We spent the night catching up and telling stories. I love the atmosphere of motorcycle rallies. Its so cool having so many different people, talking one universal language. I had one guy walk buy and give me a beer, we introduced ourselves and chatted about his beautiful Ducati. These rallies are so much fun. Our paths would have probably never crossed excpet for our love of motorcycles brought us together. 

The weather report for Saturday was not very good. However that did not dampen… our spirits. We had breakfast and headed out to ride. It was a pretty good morning, however we rode on wet roads most of the day. We stopped at the Trout Ranch for lunch and it was amazing! I will definitively be stopping there again. 125 in Missouri is a beautiful stretch of twisty fun road. I can’t wait to return. 

The people make these events so much fun. On this trips we laughed so hard at times, it is hard to describe. The Spider Monkeys made their debut and I am learning the difference between WE and I… its a long sad story to be told at a different time. haha!

Saturday evening was a lot of fun as well. The Rally hosted a dinner, Chicken and all of the fixings. It was awesome. It was a great finish to the day. We all stayed up on the front porch and told more lies… err stories and laughed our butts off. It was so much fun. 

Sunday arrived and we were again greeted with overcast skies. This was a little disappointing as all of the weather reports said it would be clear for the day. Darn weather people are the only ones I know who can be wrong 50% and still have a job. It did not stop us from having a great ride back to NorthWest Arkansas. Jamie and I have already made plans to attend next year.