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Nelson Riggs Bags – Heated Vest Hook Up.

I got my new soft luggage in, so I decided it was time to get some stuff done to the V-Strom. Jamie and I are headed out for our annual Hill Country Thanksgiving ride next Friday. We would leave on Thanksgiving, but she got 4 tickets to the Cowboys game, and since I hate them, but my borther loves them we will go. NFL football live is a good thing, plus I am hoping the Cowboys lose. Last year we watched my beloved Broncos win in Dallas on Thanksgiving. We did out first ride to the Hill Country last year over the Thanksgiving holiday and decided to do it again this year. Since this will be our first two up trip on the Strom and our first since the accident, I decided I wanted to make sure we did not have any issues. I wanted to add a socket to run the air pump from the bike, but more importantly, to run the XM car adapator on our trip. I also wanted to get her Heated vest set up and working as well, as it could be chilly in the mornings for her.

I went over to my friends Dave house so he could help me (really do it) install these little things. I also wanted to get his advice on how to mount the bags on the bike. He did a great job and I was a wonderful coach. Here is the set up under the seat of the wee strom.

I ordered the Neslon Riggs SB-900 bags after reading the V-strom board and seeing that they seemed to work pretty well on the bike. We need to be able to carry enough gear for 3-5 day trips, but the hard Givi bags just do not allow my beautiful passenger to have enough foot room on the Pillion pegs. I love the way the softbags look and they came with rain covers. The hardware for the Givi bags works well with the Nelson Riggs. I am very happy with them. We will write more after our trip.