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New Affiliate Partner – Overland Addict

If you are in the market for Premium gear for your overlanding obsession the Overland Addict it the place for you!

Disclaimer: As an Overland Addict Associate, we earn a small commission whenever you purchase something using our links through Overland Addict, at no extra cost to you. So thank you. This really helps us continue our journeys so thank you!

We have become Affiliate partners with this amazing company. The gear is top notch and the folks behind the curtain are truly obsessed with creating an amazing Overlanding community. Click on the logo above to check out their BLACK FRIDAY deals. Remember the cost is the same if you order through our link or through the website. The benefit is Jamie and I get a little commission on each sale. This is a great way to support us and allow us to continue to grow our YouTube channel and our business. You can always click on the Overland Addict logo on the sidebar of this blog as well to access these great savings!

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Thank you for supporting us and Overland Addict. Have a great holiday season everyone!

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