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New Top Case and Windsceen

After that I headed home to try and get my new Top case installed. I finally found the correct bolts to mount the rack and got things together in an hour or so. The wind Screen was easy and I have have to say that it is really nice riding a bike without cold air slamming into my upper torso. I can look over the screen in the highest position and my helmet does not seem to bounce around in any dirty air. The true test will be when Jamie can get on and go for a ride. She was a little under the weather today, so she did not ride at all.

I want to stop and say a Big THANK YOU to Roger. He hooked me up with the windscreens.. yes plural as he gave me the National Cycle Vstream screen and he also gave me the TALL Kawasaki screen. I will see which one I like best and will pay forward the other.. Thanks again Roger, we look forward to riding with you and Tracy in the near future.

Roger also had a SHAD topcase laying around since he replaced his with the new Givi. He allowed us to work out a payment plan, so now we have a beautiful color matched topcase.. again Thanks to Roger! We are so blessed with our motorcycle friends. Check out the pictures.

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