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Nice Day ride to Blossom Texas to visit Weezy’s

The day started off well as I met my beautiful wife for a cup of coffee before she had to head out for some training. Being that she is a teacher, this was not fun for her as this is her off time. I just hope I made the start to her day a good one 

I met up with Rex at the Race Trac on 380 and Airport at 8:15AM. It was a very muggy morning, but the weather was good and the skies blue. It was an awesome day for a ride. We were headed to Weezy’s in Blossom Texas to get some points for the Texas Small Town cafe motorcycle tour. I did not try it, but the small Chicken Fried Steak looked amazing. Rex enjoyed it as did Jackie and Alta and I think we will all be back to enjoy the food again in the near future.

Rex and I headed up north and made our way through the countryside. We did hit some traffic on 82 as we headed into Paris but it was not a big deal. It was still pleasant out and we both enjoyed a nice smell of the roses type of day. We made it to Weezy’s right around 11am. Jackie and Alta were already there and eating. We had a good lunch. We got our pictures for the tour and had a great conversation with Stephanie. 

We decided that we would take a run up to the Red River to check out the river and how full it was running. On our way up FM 195, I noticed that Jackie was slowing down. He eventually pulled over and it was confirmed. The wing had a flat tire. We had to put 3 plugs in the tire but we got it to hold and they made it safe and sound all of the way home. We had a good day, I recorded almost 275 miles. Good friends and fun roads. It was a great way to spend a Tuesday.