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No Rain just great riding on Day #2.

After the weather we had on the previous day, the sun was greeted with many smiles. I had planned a 250 Mile day of great arkansas roads and lunch at Mt Nebo. This was not on the original plan, but Paul mentioned it and we are so glad that he did. It was a fabulous day.

Day break at camp.. wow the sun does shine in Arkansas..

We all met up at the lodge and had breakfast before heading down the beautiful 14 miles of twisty road to Mena fo gas. After that we had a last minute “Ride your own ride” pep talk and off we went.

getting gas for the days ride ahead. I think one of the best things about these trips is the friendships built while on them. We all had a great time and I think some friendships were made. We stopped at a small town subway and got lunch before heading up to Mt Nebo. The road up there is some of the most technical riding that I have ever done. Deals gap had nothing on these switchbacks. We all made it safe and sound and the view was awesome. Again thanks to Paul for sharing this little spot with us.

Mt Nebo was beautiful. If they would not have put a nuclear power plant down in the valley the view would have been breath taking.

We rode up about a mile further to see the other side of the valley. We came across a nice lady that took a group photo. She must have taken 8 pictures as we all wanted her to take one. She was very nice and not too bad to look at either.

Here are a couple of pictures of the wonderful roads, as we headed back to camp. It was a warm ride back to camp, but not all bad.

Sitting around the camp site, all of the group decided to give me and Jamie a hard time about the bear that we saw. Earlier in the day we were coming up from Mena to the lodge, Jamie and I rounded a corner and to our right was a bear. Not 20 yards from us, this beautiful bear stood up we spooked him and he ran off. When we all got back to the camp ground Jamie and I were so excited to tell everyone about the bear. The problem is no one else saw the bear so they started to kid us about making the bear up. Hence all of the bear refrences in these posts. hehehe

Day 3 and back to big D !

We got up and had a nice breakfast, then headed back to town. We stopped at a few of the lookouts as it was a great view compared to the fog and rain that we saw on the first day riding up. It was a great trip and I think I can speak for everyone that we all had a great time.

The views are awesome up there, when you can see them.

Till next time everyone stay safe and remember that the next tip is right around the corner.


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