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No riding for me – Still a good day.

The plan was for us to take another ride up into Colorado on this Saturday morning. We were going to do short ride, so we could hang out at the rally in the afternoon.

We all loaded up and I knew I did not feel well as I had some stomach distress. I thought I could tough it out, but by the time we got to the gorge I was hurting and had to head back to the room. The guys did a nice route and it sounded like they had a great time. I took a little nap and then headed up to the rally a few hours later. I hated to miss the riding but it was not in the cards. The rest of the day was wonderful.

Here are more pictures from the rally site.

The gang showed up in the afternoon. We also ran into Richard and Debbie as they had a little adventure riding to the rally. They were just stopping by on their way to a little get a way in Colorado. We met up with them for dinner and drink at Eske’s in Taos. It was a fun time. It screamed out New Mexico, even down to the hippie waitress and the drunk jesus looking dude. It started raing hard and this guy was so out of it he just laid there getting soaked.. Good times in Taos. It was a nice wet ride home but a great way to end our Saturday.