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Only 22 days until Sipapu!

I am really starting to get excited about this trip. Only 22 days and counting! It should be a great time and the riding will be awesome. Now lets pray for no rain. Here is the breakdown of the trip.

You can see the pictures here from last years rally. 

I will register sometime this week. The website is located here: The Bavarian Mountain Weekend Rally

Wednesday Sept 5: Plano to Lubbock – 345 Miles I will have to leave after work. Probably around 1PM. I know that you all may not want to do that so it will be up to you on when you arrive. I would like a riding partner if it fits into someone schedule. I have made reservations here. Comfort Inn & Suites the rate is $69.

Thursday Sept 6: Lubbock to Sipapu – 346 Miles This should be an easy day and we will have plenty of time to check into the room and head back up to the lodge. It is 23 glorious miles to the hotel. It will be a nice ride to and from the event. I think we all have reservations here: Quality Inn – Taos Friday Sept 7: Wolfcreek Pass – Creede Loop – 426 Miles This will be a great ride and maybe be the highlight of the trip. We will ride some great roads. I was thinking we could do lunch in Creede, either at Kips or maybe even try something new like Tommy knockers tavern.

Saturday Sept 8: Red River Loop – 147 Miles easy day, take our time, enjoy the mountain air and be able to get back to the Lodge for all of the Saturday activities.Are we there yet?

Sunday Sept 9: Back to Reality (aka.. the ride home) – 672 Miles I spoke with Jackie and we decided to play this last day by ear. if it is horrible hot we can ride to Childless or some place like that and stay, if it is not too bad (yeah right) we just ride all of the way home. . I do not have to be to work until 2PM on Monday so I am going to keep my options open.

Let’s Ride