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Our Favorite Camping Gear – What we use.

Here are a few items that we could not do without on our camping adventures.

We have been asked recently to link some of the items that we have for camping and for some of the things that we feel, enhance our camping experience. We are big fans of Dome Life and they have really inspired us to get out and camp more. Go check out their YouTube Channel. Not all of these products are utilized when motorcycle camping. However since we trailer and camp out of the Jeep we utilize most of these items on each outing. Listed below are a few links of the items that we use. We are not sponsored in anyway. We have purchased these items. So let’s get started.

Gazelle T4 Hub Tent – (Not a motorcycle camping option) This tent has been a game changer for our camping trips. It is so easy to put up and take down. It allows for me to stand up (I am 6’2) in the tent. There is plenty of space. It has great ventilation and the windows are awesome. It is built with quality materials and the zippers are strong. You can see our review below. The one drawback of this tent is the pure size of it. This will not be a motorcycle tent option. It barely fits in my 2015 Jeep JK. You can learn more about the gazelle on their website. I ordered ours directly through this site. –

Kelty Gunnison 3 backpacking tent – My motorcycle camping tent of choice This is a great tent for the bike. Jamie and I have slept many nights in this tent. It is a snug fit for the two of us, however it still allows for our motorcycle gear to hang out with us. It is light and packs up nicely. It goes up quick and is a good 3 season tent. This tent is designed for compact use and it fits the bill for motorcycle camping. We love our Gunnison. You can still find this tent, however it is not in the kelty line up at this time.

Ozark Trail Himont 20F Climatech mummy sleeping bag. We have been using these bags for the past couple of years and they have done well for us. They are easy to store, keeps you warm and has been very durable. The price is right and we have zero complaints about these bags. I will say that we usually don’t camp in weather below the mid 30’s. With that being said these bags work well for our needs. Read more about them here.

Nemo Cosmo 3D air Sleeping Pad When we motorcycle camp we utilize this product. It stores in small spaces, does not weigh alot and can be inflated using a built in foot pump. It keeps you off the ground and provides some comfort. We have spent many motorcycle camping nights on these pads. They are not cheap, but deals can be found. Check it out here:

Intex Comfort Plush Queen air mattress I once heard, that if you make camping comfortable and easy, then you will go camping more often. This is the truth. Sleep is a key factor in Jamie and I having a a good camping experience. With the T4 Gazelle, we have plenty of space for this queen sized mattress. It sits 18″ tall and makes for a wonderful nights sleep. It is not small, however it is a no brainer for jeep camping. We love this mattress. It blows up easily and deflates and stores just as easy. Some of the best money spent for a great night of sleep. We liked it so much, we purchased the full sized one as well. It worked great a couple of weeks ago solo camping. You can see it here.

Mr. Heater Little buddy heater This little invention has been a last minute addition to the camping team. When heading to Colorado the temps were being forecasted in the low 30’s. Well they were correct and I was so glad I had purchased the little buddy for the trip. This little heater worked so well and made things very comfortable. It has a ton of safety features and lasted a good 6 hours on a 1lb bottle of propane. One of the best things I have purchased for camping. I am sure Jamie will appreciate it this fall. Check out this wonderful product here.

Coleman Propane Grill & Stove Combo This little stove has been great! Packs up small and has been very reliable. We love the grill side along with a cook top. It sets up nicely on our Tailgate table. We have purchased a longer hose to connect with our 1lb bottles to give us more versatility. The wind screen on the stove works very well and we have never had any issues with the stove staying lit. The price is right for this oldie but goodie. Very satisfied with our stove. You can read more about it here.

Outback Adventure tailgate table This is not an item that is needed to camp out of the Jeep. I will say that it has been the best thing I have purchased for the jeep outside of performance items. It is not cheap, however it has been utilized on every trip and it makes for a wonderful cooking experience. Do you have to have it? The answer is yes! it is amazing. Go check it out here.

Jackery Explorer 240 portable power station Some people would say that one reason people camp is to get away from electronic gear. I can appreciate that, however so many things that we utilize on these trips needs power. I go back to the adage of if you have fun camping and it is enjoyable, then you will do it more often. This little power station will charge cell phones, ipads, laptops along with having the ability to plug in basic household items. We use it each trip to inflate our air mattress. If the site does not have electric, this power station is a life saver. It powers our usb fan, along with lights and is very useful in charging gopro batteries and the like. It has made charging portable electronics so easy. Just throw it in the jeep while out and use the car adaptor for charging. It has stay charged on a recent trip for 5 days and nights without needing to be recharged. You can buy the bigger version if needed, however the 240 works great for our needs. Go read more about it here.

Luci outdoor inflatable lights – Solar powered These little lights are so versatile and give off good light, while packing up small and not having to plug them in to recharge them. They work really well inside the tent and I also use one in the back of the jeep when cooking in the darkness. These little lights are very affordable. Go check them out here.

Rigid 3 outlet charging ball This is the most convenient tool for using onsite electricity. It has the options of 110 plugs along with USB charging capability. It has become a speaking point when other campers see it at our site. Its versatile and weather proofed so it works well for camping. Another great factor is it is available at Home Depot. haha. You can go check it out here.

Alps Mountaineering silver square table This table is a great addition to any camp site. It folds up nicely and stores in a nice bag. It is sturdy and can be used to cook on or to place items off the ground. This little table works out well for us. It holds a 5 gallon water jug with no issue and is big enough to cook on when needed. Not the cheapest table, but well built. Go check it out here.

Bass Pro Eclipse end table This table is very compact, light and a must have. A great table to have for sitting around the campsite and relaxing. It has two cup holders and is very sturdy for its size. The price is right and this is a great addition to any camping gear. Look at it here.

Jetboil Flash Cooking System If your motorcycle camping this is a must have for a great solution for cooking on the road. It packs up small and is great for motorcycle touring. I use mine just as much Jeep camping as I do on the bike. Want a quick cup of coffee… this is your solution. Warms up water quickly and you can eat out right out of the cup. I love our Jetboil. You can read more or purchase from here.

Keynice USB Desk Fan with Clip Folks this is my favorite camping accessory. I do not enjoy being hot and I love having some air moving through the night. This fan fits the bill. It runs using our Jackery or any other power bank and it moves around a good flow of air. The clip allows for many options for placement. This fan gets used all of the time. We would not camp without it. Go get yourself one here.

That’s it for our go to items for camping. We want to know what your go to items are. Share in the comments so our readers can get more ideas to make their camping experience a great one. Until next time, have fun camping and enjoy the great outdoors. Remember to leave your area cleaner than when you arrived. Lets keep our forests clean.

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