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Our first two up ride on the Versys

Today was the first day that Jamie and I got to ride the new bike. The weather was supposed to be beautiful so we figured this would be a great time to test the Versys two up. It was a great day. The temps were in the mid 40’s when we took off to meet the gang. It was great getting to ride with Herman, Richard, Rob, Mark, Jackie and Alta. I love riding with our friends. It makes the riding experience even better.  

The ride was a good one and we noticed a couple of things right off the bat. The wind protection was much better than the two of us expected. The bike was also smoother than the C-14. It soaked up the rough pavement with ease. It also allowed for us to ride at a spirited pace with tons of confidence. WE were both smiling ear to ear when we arrived at the shed in Edom

The wind was an issue on the way back home. Gusts were coming in between 20-30 mph. The Versys moved around a lot more than the C-14. I am sure the 150lb weight difference was a major contributor. That was the only negative for the day, but to be honest it would have not been fun on any motorcycle. We made it home by 4pm having put 220 miles on the bike and had a wonderful time. We are both very happy with the Versys and we cant wait to put many more miles on her. Till next time ride safe.