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Our first Z400 Mods

Windscreen & Frame Sliders are added – Jamie is ready to ride!

The time is almost here! Jamie starts her riding class on Monday June 28th. She will be attending the riding academy at Pig Trail Harley Davidson here in Rogers Arkansas. I don’t think I have seen her this excited in a long time. She is ready to go!

However before she can ride her new Z400 we wanted to add a couple of modifications that will make her riding experience a better one. The first mod we decided on was the taller windscreen from Kawasaki. The Meter Cover is a taller screen that covers more of the dash and allows for a little more coverage from the air.

The installation was very easy and it only took Jamie and I 30 minutes to get it all taken care of. Our first impressions are positive. Jamie liked the look and I think it will add a little more wind protection. It did not take away from the look of the bike. We are both pretty happy with the outcome. What do you all think?

Next up was the Kawasaki Frame Sliders. We know that the odds of Jamie dropping her bike over the next few months while she gets accustomed to the weight of the Z400 are high, so we want to ensure we can protect the bike as much as possible. As we were breaking out all of the items to install the sliders we soon realized that we were missing one of the locking nuts. Jamie jumped in the car and headed to Sunrise Marine & Motorsports. They gave her a new nut and she was on her way in no time. Special thanks to the dealership for the quick fix.

I have to give a shout out to Fabiricio Solanes as he had a great video showing the installation. Even in Spanish the visual was a huge help. Once Jamie arrived with the final nut we finished the installation in less than an hour. Very simple and should offer a great level of protection for the new Z400. They do stick out some but we knew that would be the case. I think they look ok on the bike. What do you all think? I wanted to make sure we did not have to cut on any body pieces. This was pretty much a plug and play assembly.