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Plano to Greenville Mississippi – Day 1

The day had finally arrived and we were set to hit the road. The Trophy was LOADED down. We had camping gear as well as all of the things needed for an 8 day trip. Jamie was really good as she got most of her things in one side case.

We met Rob at the local Race Trac and then headed over to 80 and hook up with Jackie. We got to him around 8:15. After a quick hello we were all anxious to hit the road and start the journey.

We hit the road and made it over to Minneola for a quick bite of breakfast. We wanted to eat at the La Waffalatta but they did not open until 10AM. I thought it was kind of strange for a breakfast location but it all worked out. We walked across the street to the out Kitchens Deli & Restaurant. This is a nice breakfast place, attached to a hardware store. It was a very cool place.

We then headed up north thru Gilmer and up thru east Texas. The ride was a nice one. I always love the change of scenery in that part of Texas. It looked like it could rain, but never did. It kept things pretty cool for the day in fact. We did the little slab across Arkansas going thru El Dorado, Hamburg and finishing up in HOT and HUMID Greenville MS.

We stayed at the Days Inn. Speaking with the girl behind the desk, we learned that 92 degrees and 100% humidity was a nice day. She told me in her own southern way, that it would get so much hotter during the true summer. She said she stays inside all of the time as it gets hell hot later in the summer. I thought to myself, that this was Hell hot hehehe.

We did get to see the new bridge across the Mississippi around Greenville. It is a high tech bridge and looks pretty cool. They have a bunch of casinos in that area, it seems to have brought some money to the area. The town itself seems pretty depressed.

I will get to day 2 as soon as I can.

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