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podcast 003: Coffee & conversation – catching up!

This week we will talk about the upcoming riding season, the Ozark Escape, Jamie getting back in the saddle, and much more so stay tuned!

It is the week before spring break and we are just chillin, so we thought we would do a quick coffee & conversation. We are doing a podcast only this week. Video takes more time and I have a face made for radio.

Winter seems to finally be coming to an end. Hopefully! We are excited to start the riding season. We are lucky here in Arkansas we never really have to park the bikes, but the cold does hamper our time in the seat. Jamie is not a big fan of riding in the cold.

Kicking off the riding season and what is in store? We are excited about this year’s riding season, really looking forward to exploring some areas of the country we have not been to, while also taking some trips to enjoy areas that we are used to riding, CO, NC and NM

Ozark Escape April 22-24, 2022 Quality Inn in Eureka Springs Mention MSTA Arkansas to get the best rate Friday Night Cook out $10 before the event – $15 at the venue Event Shirts are $23 pre event. We will have a few limited sizes at the event for $28, but again there will be limited quantities. Ride groups and routes – Dustin & Kate doing the dual-sport routes We hope to see you all there. Just go to for more information. Or just contact us.

Jamie getting back in the saddle Practice – Practice – Practice What are Jamie’s goals for this riding season? What are you really excited about for this first year of riding? What is your Jamie’s biggest apprehension?

MOORE – Promoting our business and the MSTA The weekend of April 8-10 we will be in Springfield Mo for the Midwest Overlanding and Off-road Expo otherwise known as MOORE. Jamie and I will be in booth #90, so if you have some time and are in the area come by and say hi! We will be promoting Moto Adrenaline Tours and the MSTA at this event. Check out the event here:

MSTA STAR Rally – Cape Girardeau MO June 19-23

Jamie and I will be staying at Trail of Tears State Park – Lake Boutin Campground – Basic – 047 so come on by and see us. Don’t forget to sign up for this amazing event! Go to for more information.

The weather is looking better and hopefully we are done with the majority of cold weather. We will see. Mother nature can be cruel at times.

It’s one of our favorite time of the year. Riding season is about to start and March madness is here! It has been a couple of years since we have had a true final four and we are very excited for the round ball action.

Thank you for listening to Jerry & Jamie 2UP. We hope you enjoyed the show. We will skip next week as Jamie will be in New Mexico visiting her family for spring break. I will be out riding hopefully. Until next time everyone be safe and be kind.

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