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Quick overnighter to Queen Wihelmina.


So we put on all of our gear and headed out to meet the gang for breakfast. I was really talking myself out of this trip pretty quickly. I am not a big fan of riding and camping in the rain. I figured once everyone arrived, they would all just bail out and I would be home in my cozy living room, watching TV and chillin….

The gang all showed up. Rob rode up then Jackie followed. Pete & Kim arrived right around 9AM. I think they had an issue with the alarm clock. Pete and Kim proclaim that they are going no matter what. Rob say’s that he is game and then Jackie jumps on board. I have to be honest.. I was debating hard on the issue. Jamie said that the decision was mine. She was game no matter what. Well after some “peer” pressure I announced that we were going and we should load up and head out. The weather stayed over cast all day long, but we never got more than a few sprinkles.

We stopped and took a break at the gas station next to the casino in Broken Bow. The girls were all smiles and we were all enjoying the nice overcast, mostly dry day. There was a van at the station that had the entire back filled with pigs. We went over and took some pictures. The family inside said that the previous day they had a calf back there. I guess they were big in the local 4F club. Pretty cool, except I am sure the smell was something one had to get used to.