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Rain Out LSBMW – Abort – Abort!

I had the day off and wanted to attend the LSBMW Hamburger Cookout, so I got up early and met the group at the meeting point. It was a good group and the day looked to be fun. We had planned to take a longer route to the event with some fun roads thrown in. We took off with the threat of rain. Well it was no threat. It rained like hell on us for over an hour before we decided to stop and head back to the house. I had left the bags off the Versys and in the bags was my rain gear, so by the time I got home I was soaked. It was a fun morning, but glad I shot home and did not attend the event. it looks like they got rain for many of the miles. 

I got home around 11, decided to clean up the bike and now just chillin out watching the games. There will be more days to ride and in dry weather. Till next time.