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Riding the Ocoee Loop

During the Atlanta Olympics, the whitewater rafting section of the games was held in the Ocoee River. There is a great scenic loop that follows the river and makes for a very nice motorcycle loop. Jamie and I rode the loop on the bike and then went back and grabbed the Jeep to get some lunch and do more exploring of the Ocoee. It was a warmer day, but the water sure made it a great day and cool enough to really enjoy our time around the Ocoee. Our day started with a beautiful morning, nothing is better than waking up in a tent with the sun shining in. I wish we could start a lot more mornings like this.

We explored during the morning on the bike. We enjoyed the ride down 68 with its twisties, just another reason to love this region. Its so pretty and the roads are amazing. 

The Ocoee Whitewater Center is a great place to learn more about the river and the events that have taken place there. They were setting up for another race event while we were visiting. Jamie and I spent a good hour just walking around the grounds.