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Riding to Clovis NM – yawn!

Today was one of those days that separate the real riders from the ones that are not truly committed. Decatur to Clovis is 300+ miles of not much excitement! unless you call long roads with no curves, a good cross wing blowing hard ALL day, the smell from dairy farms and oh yeah almost running out of fuel… If you find that exciting then today was your perfect motorcycle day. 

We ate breakfast at the Whistle Stop Cafe in Decatur, then headed out. It was a pleasant morning. The temps were moderate and the wind had not kicked in yet. We drove by Megargel Tx, this town will always have a tie to me and my family as this was where Vern lost his life in a car accident. It was the first time since the accident that I had ridden through there. I wish he could be here today with us. RIP brother, I love and miss him everyday.

We stopped in Seymour for a break. The gang rolled in a few minutes later. Jackie and I watched them gas up, but we decided that we would wait. Not the wisest of choices. I rode for a good 30 miles with my low fuel icon flashing at me. We finally rolled into Dickens and found fuel. I was coughing as we rode in. Could not have went much further. 

We stopped and had lunch in Lubbock. The Chilis we stooped at sits right across from the Texas Tech Stadium. Lunch was good. It was nice cooling off and getting out of the wind for a little while. 

It was warm in the afternoon. I saw mid 90’s with winds that were very stiff. Not a good mix for an enjoyable ride, but hey it beats working….

We arrived in Clovis aka home of the flies, around 3:30. I took a quick shower and the laid down for a nap. It was the perfect end to the day. We finished the night off with dinner at K-Bobs and then got home in time to watch the first NFL game of the season. 

Tomorrow we ride to the mountains and hopefully the rain does not hamper our camping adventure. I promise to post motorcycle pictures tomorrow. I promise. Ride safe everyone!