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Riding to the jewel of the blue ridge parkway – big Lynn lodge msta rally

Western NC holds the keys to some of the best sport-touring riding in America. We came back to ride the great roads and visit with old and new friends while making great memories.

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The little KTM was loaded up and ready to roll. I would take off and meet my friend Bob in the quaint little village of Hot Springs Arkansas. He holds a weekly bike night in the area and I thought it would be cool to attend. It was also a great place to spend the night. The lake house is beautiful and sets the tone for a fantastic weekend. We both attended the Big Lynn Lodge MSTA rally last year and we enjoyed ourselves so much, that we thought it would be fun to go back again this year.

not a bad location for a bike night.

It is a long drive to Little Switzerland NC, however, the good news was we made it without any sort of issue. One of the highlights of this rally is getting away from the heat. Triple digits were the norm at home, so rolling into the Big Lynn Lodge to temps in the low 80s was wonderful. We unload the bikes and got checked into the rooms, before making our way to the lobby for dinner.

Bob and I have different ways of getting our machines to the rally. I load the KTM up on my Kendon trailer and my Jeep pulls it with no trouble to the event. Bob on the other hand has a small transit van that he loads his beautiful Z1200 into. It is a little harder to load and it squeezes in the back with a good 1/2 inch to spare. Both solutions get the job done. The bikes are ready to ride, and life is good.

My KTM 390 Adventure loaded up and ready to roll

The Kawasaki fits like a glove

After a great meal and then kicking tires with all of the early arrivals, we strolled back to the room, for a shower and a good night’s rest. Tomorrow we will meet up with Dan Steinberg and the gang for a spirited NC run through the hills.

Friday is a day for twisty roads and good friends.

Beautiful morning in NC

The morning greeted us with a beauty that only the great Smokey Mountains can. Low-hanging clouds and cooler temps were welcomed this fine day. One of the cool things about attending this rally is the free meals included with the room rate. Dinner and breakfast are provided for all attendees that registered for the event. We finished breakfast, geared up, and waited for the group to assemble and take off.

The clock struck 8:30 am and we were on the road. Dan knows this area like the back of his hand. His knowledge of the area and roads ensure that we will have a tremendous day of riding. We were not disappointed. We hit the best roads that Western Carolina could provide. So many numbers that I can’t remember them all. The curves were numerous, bringing smiles to all of our faces. If you have not ridden in this area, you should make plans to do it as soon as possible.